Monday, July 27, 2009

Positive Protest Post

So I often get invited to protest or boycott a company, television station, brand name, etc. and I have to say, I usually ignore these invitations. But this one is a little different. I've read about this movie and have been bothered by the trailer and can't imagine the actual movie. There are so many misconceptions about adoption and there is a lot of fear surrounding adopting older children, not to mention some people's thoughts on adopting a child who is HIV+. I was reading on this blog that Tom is challenging readers to write 500 blog posts about how their lives have been impacted positively by an orphan. Well my life has been big time impacted positively by 2 orphans!! and that's just a start. So here's my contribution:

Warner Bros. new horror movie Orphan proclaims that it must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own. Let me tell you about how orphans changed my life. I'll start with the orphans that AREN'T my kids. During our adoption process I took two trips to Ethiopia and met more orphans than I can count. I held babies, tickled toddlers, cuddled with some adorable 4 yr olds. I've sang and held hands with some energetic little 7 yr old boys and girls and sat while strong and beautiful 12 yr old young women braided my hair. The quote from the trailer that is especially dark and frustrating is "It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own." While this is not only untrue when you adopt, it is untrue about children in general. I can honestly say, I love the kids God has let me spend time with. I pray for them and I can't wait for God to bring them families, especially the older ones. They are gifted, loving, beautiful, full of life and just want to be loved and deserve to be loved.

So now for the really fun stuff...MY KIDS! They are unbelieveably easy to love. They are cute, funny, smart and loving. They love to laugh and play, they love to swim and run and ride their bikes. They love to go to the park and go for ice cream. They love to snuggle and hug. They fight with each other, they sneak an extra 5 minutes of video game time and they beg to watch a movie instead of going to bed. THEY ARE KIDS!! Just like my bio kids, my children who were adopted track mud on the just mopped kitchen floor; they hit each other over a piece of candy; they push my buttons! And just like my bio kids, my kids who were adopted melt my heart everyday. They are unbelieveably EASY to love!!

I'm not going to attack the writers/producers of the movie Orphan. I'm not even going to ask you to boycott the movie or show up at the theartre with picket signs! I am going to make sure you know...Adopted children, orphaned children waiting to find families, are very easy to love.


Carrie said...

Your story is wonderful - thanks for taking the time to share. We sponsor several orphans in Uganda (they aren't adoptable at present) and have been able to meet them 3 times. We love hugging them, sharing with them and hanging out. Bless you.


I am so glad your family is finally all together! My family is also adopting with Arise and I have seen pictures of Nahom for a long time. He is always smiling! Our son is in Nazareth and you probably saw him while on your visit. If you don't mind (and when you have time) maybe you could email me. I long for updates as he is almost 5 months old and only 6 pounds! I like to hear that he is doing well.
Thanks! Brittney

Justin and Donna Brown said...

Hi Mary. Our family is currently adopting from Arise. We have been reading about your journey and it is so great to see your family all together. All of your kids are beautiful!
I think that Carree S. had mentioned that you got to see our boys at Hope, Chera (4) and Kenenisa (2). Could you let me know if you did and how it went? My email address is
Thanks Mary!

Suzan said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing your positive experience with adoption.

Anonymous said...

Good post. I dont know much about adoption. but listening to your family and the other church families! adoption is beautiful! and god has blessed you all!

Sandra said...

I am an orphan advocate and am so glad you posted your story.

Jamie Elizabeth said...

if this was facebook i would press LIKE..thanks for sharing =) i love it and it is very encouraging!